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Thursday, 22nd February 2007

John Resig: Thoughts on OpenAjax. I hadn’t looked in to OpenAjax—from John’s analysis it seems like they need to make it easier for open-source projects to participate and do a bunch of work to modernise their core library. # 10:20 pm An OpenID provider that uses SSL client certificates (which you install in your browser) for authentication. # 12:01 pm

Introducing Windows CardSpace. I incorrectly stated in my talk yesterday that CardSpace was a feature of Vista; it’s actually available for XP as well as part of the .NET 3.0 framework. # 11:47 am

A Gathering Of Geeks. The Oxford Mail’s coverage of Nat’s Oxford Geek Night event. # 9:35 am

Browser Wars. Doug Crockford is hosting a panel discussion with Chris Wilson from IE, Mike Shaver from Mozilla and Håkon Wium Lie from Opera on February 28th in Sunnyvale. # 7:53 am

Wired News: Web Startups Reboot ’London 2.0’. Crikey... the toungue-in-cheek name for our Rails/Django meetups has inspired a Wired article! # 7:50 am

OpenStreetMap Baghdad. OSM has mapped the streets by tracing from aerial imagery, but needs help with the names of the streets. # 7:48 am