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Sunday, 25th February 2007

Data::ObjectDriver. Benjamin Trott’s Perl ORM, with built in support for both caching and data partitioning. I think this is what Six Apart uses for Vox.

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Camino 1.1 Beta. Camino now has session saving. I simply won’t use a browser that doesn’t have this feature.

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Oxford Geeks hit the media! Coverage in the local newspaper and on the radio, with MP3s.

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Flash MP3 Player. Nice little embeddable MP3 player, with support for single files or Atom/XSPF/RSS playlists.

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Facebook Query Language. The Facebook API now lets you run SQL-like queries. You can’t do joins but you can perform very simple subselects.

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Warning, this is a bad site!

Unfortunately it’s not a glitch in the matrix—this happened to a friend of mine. If a site gets this warning and isn’t listed on it just means that Google have blacklisted it themselves—they don’t share their reasons with StopBadWare, and provide no mechanism to find out why they’ve blacklisted you. The link to StopBadWare is something of a red herring.

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I don't do test driven development. I do stupidity driven testing... I wait until I do something stupid, and then write tests to avoid doing it again.

Titus Brown

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Six cool things you can build with OpenID

I’ve posted the slides from my Future of Web Apps talk on OpenID, minus the demo videos. I’m planning to put together a video that combines the slides, demos and audio once the official podcasts have been published.

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