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We’re Never Content. Amazon will be releasing a proper edge caching CDN on top of S3 “before the end of the year”.

# 18th September 2008, 12:30 pm / cdn, amazon, web-services, s3

Amazon S3 Availability Event: July 20, 2008. Don’t let the newspeak put you off; this is an honest and informative description of the bug that took down S3 last Sunday, although it does include the world’s longest way of saying “we turned it off and on again”.

# 27th July 2008, 5:42 pm / newspeak, amazon, s3, uptime

Django File Uploads (via) Nearly two years in the making, Django’s file upload capacity has received a major (and backwards incompatible) upgrade. Previously, files were uploaded by default in to RAM—now, files larger than 2.5MB are streamed to a temporary file and extensive hooks are provided to customise where they end up—streaming to S3, for example.

# 1st July 2008, 5 pm / django, fileuploads, s3, uploads

Browser Uploads to S3 using HTML POST Forms. I didn’t know you could do this: create a regular HTML form that gives people permission to upload direct to your own S3 bucket, using a signed JSON policy statement in a hidden form field to prevent third parties from abusing your S3 account.

# 27th June 2008, 12:11 pm / s3, amazon, aws, forms, post, json, signing

so-you-wanna-see-an-image (via) use Amazon S3 to store images (presumably to save having to create a massive scalable redundant filesystem themselves) but the images are served via a load balanced memcached / varnishd caching system that they control.

# 1st May 2008, 10:13 am / wordpresscom, caching, amazon-s3, s3, memcached, varnishd

Amazon takes EC2 to the next level with persistent storage volumes. You can store a snapshot of a storage volume to S3 with a single API call, making backups trivial.

# 14th April 2008, 8:04 am / ec2, storage, backups, s3, virtualization, rightscale


Amazon SimpleDB overview. Attribute values are limited to 1,024 bytes; Amazon suggest that you store larger fields in S3 and use SimpleDB to query metadata about those objects.

# 14th December 2007, 11:39 am / simpledb, amazon, web-services, s3, metadata

LastGraph. Now Available. Andrew Godwin has relaunched his LastGraph graphing application. The new version is built on Django and S3 and uses Andrew’s Graphication graphing library based on Cairo.

# 15th October 2007, 10:02 pm / graphication, django, andrew-godwin, cairo, lastfm, lastgraph, python, s3, graphing

Amazon Gets an SLA (But I Still Can’t Use It). “Ontario’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Acts (FIPPA) don’t allow me to store sensitive information (e.g., students’ work) in jurisdictions that permit secret warrants, like those mandated by the USA PATRIOT Act.”

# 9th October 2007, 3 pm / patriotact, privacy, canada, ontario, fippa, gregwilson, s3, amazon

Amazon S3 Service Level Agreement (via) Went in to effect on the 1st of October. Promises 99.9% uptime over a monthly billing cycle or you get “service credits” towards future S3 payments.

# 9th October 2007, 12:52 am / jeffrey-mcmanus, s3, sla, amazon, web-services, uptime

Processing Web Documents using Alexa Web Search, Amazon S3 and Amazon EC2. I’m not sure when it happened, but Alexa Web Search can be hooked in to EC2 now—presumably with free bandwidth between the two.

# 1st July 2007, 7:19 pm / ec2, alexa, aws, amazon, s3

Mass Video Conversion Using AWS. How to use S3, SQS, EC2, ffmpeg and some Python to bulk convert videos with Amazon Web Services.

# 3rd April 2007, 11:44 pm / aws, amazon, python, s3, sqs, ec2, ffmpeg

boto. Python library for accessing Amazon’s S3, SQS and EC2 Web Services, with excellent documentation.

# 11th February 2007, 12:17 am / python, amazon, s3, sqs, ec2, boto


An S3 AJAX Wiki. Les continues to innovate against S3.

# 22nd April 2006, 7:09 pm / s3, javascript, ajax, wiki, lesorchard

How I’m using Amazon S3 to serve media files. Adrian’s saving server overhead on ChicagoCrime by serving media from S3.

# 7th April 2006, 6:51 pm / adrian-holovaty, s3, amazon, chicagocrime

JavaScript apps with read/write access to S3. JS apps hosted on S3 could read and write to the store.

# 4th April 2006, 9:33 am / javascript, s3

Amazon S3. Game changing.

# 22nd March 2006, 5:59 pm / amazon, s3