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Tuesday, 18th November 2008

Notes from Hack Day at The Guardian. Our first hack day was a ridiculous amount of fun. Matt’s write-up includes a 15 minute highlight video, which includes my 90 second presentation of my crowdsourcing SVG-powered parliamentary constituencies hack. # 11:42 pm

Hack Day at the Guardian. Video of the demos from the first Hack Day at the Guardian. I presented a crowdsourcing app I used to collect annotations for an SVG map of the UK. # 5:58 pm

Amazon CloudFront. The Amazon CDN front end for S3 has launched. Traffic is 2 cents per GB more than S3. I’d like to see a price comparison with existing CDNs; I have a hunch it’s an order of magnitude less expensive. # 2:37 pm

The new The world’s best local entertainment website, relaunched on Django 1.0 with an accompanying substantial redesign. # 2:25 pm

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