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Saturday, 10th October 2009

OpenStreetMap Rendering Database. Amazon have added an OpenStreetMap snapshot as a public data set, thanks to some smart prompting by Jeremy Dunck.

# 1:05 pm / amazon, ec2, jeremy-dunck, mapping, openstreetmap, publicdatasets, s3

WebKit, Mobile, and Progress. Alex Russell responds to PPK’s analysis of the many different WebKit variants in today’s mobile phones, pointing out that the replacement cycle and increasing quality of WebKit in more recent phones means the situation still looks pretty good.

# 12:28 am / alex-russell, browsers, mobile, ppk, webkit

Django security updates released. A potential denial of service vulnerability has been discovered in the regular expressions used by Django form library’s EmailField and URLField—a malicious input could trigger a pathological performance. Patches (and patched releases) for Django 1.1 and Django 1.0 have been published.

# 12:24 am / django, python, regular-expressions, security