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Monday, 5th October 2009

Developing for the Apple iPhone using Flash. A brilliant feat of engineering: Adobe worked around Apple’s “no runtime allowed” rules by writing a compiler front end for LLVM that compiles ActionScript 3 to ARM assembly code, and apparently ported the regular Flash drawing APIs as well. # 9:15 pm

Royal Mail: closing job search over data dispute while sacking workers. The Royal Mail have cease-and-desisted, a free postcode geocoding API which powers a number of UK open democracy sites. One of the sites is Job Centre Pro Plus, creating a perfect opportunity for an ORG press release. # 3:39 pm

Rupert to Internet: It’s War! Fascinating essay on Rupert Murchoch’s plans to charge for access to his company’s websites, by his biographer Michael Wolff. # 9:16 am