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Sunday, 21st September 2008

Introducing the Django Debug Toolbar. Another project inspired by DjangoCon: a component based debugging toolbar for Django. I like the architecture so far.

# 6:32 pm / debugging, django, djangocon, django-debug-toolbar, rob-hudson I wrote Yet Another S3 backup script today. It’s a thin wrapper about boto that doesn’t do anything particularly impressive, but it fits my brain.

# 6:51 pm / amazon-web-services, backups, boto, projects, python, s3, sysadmin

RestView—a class for creating a view that dispatches based on request.method (via) I finally got around to writing up a simple approach I’ve been using for REST-style view functions in Django that dispatch based on request.method.

# 8:47 pm / django, django-snippets, python, rest, restful, restview, views