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Saturday, 20th September 2008

Django version 1.1 roadmap. Django 1.1 is due out in March, but the deadline for feature proposals is November the 7th. # 7:17 pm

Django’s release process. Django is moving to time-based releases, with minor releases (new features but no backwards incompatible changes) approximately every six months. # 7:16 pm

OAuth Playground (via) Neat OAuth API explorer from the Google Data APIs team. # 4:40 pm

When Ajax Attacks! Web application security fundamentals. Slides and notes from my talk on web application security at @media Ajax last Tuesday. # 4:16 pm

How Companies Pay Artists to Include Brands in Lyrics. “We just feel that if it’s a product that’s admired by the artist and fits his/her image, we now have the capability of leveling out the playing field and making things financially beneficial for all parties involved.” Charming. # 12:16 pm

Tell-a-Friend: Leverage Word of Mouth Marketing. I’d love to know how they intend to stop this free widget from becoming the world’s most popular spam proxy. And of course, they abuse the password anti-pattern despite the existence of safe API alternatives to address book scraping. # 12 pm