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Thursday, 11th September 2008

The technical stack: Django and Flex. Nice case study of a site using Django’s i18n support along with django-rosetta.

# 8:33 pm / django, flex, i18n, jpstacey, python, rosetta, timetolead, torchbox

Prototype based programming in python. Neat implementation of JavaScript-style prototype inheritance in Python.

# 5:50 pm / javascript, prototype, python

The alt=“” attribute from Ian Hickson. In case you were wondering how it all ended, Hixie has a mammoth summary post explaining the facts and the potential alternatives.

# 5:45 pm / alt, html5, ian-hickson

Interview with Ian Hickson about HTML5. Good questions, interesting answers, including an explanation and breakdown of the planned 2022 date for the final recommendation.

# 5:29 pm / html5, ian-hickson

Dromaeo: JavaScript Performance Testing (via) This is one classy benchmark. Run it in as many browsers as you like (each run is saved to the server and assigned a run ID), then compare the results by appending ?id=[run1],[run2]... to the URL.

# 4:06 pm / benchmark, dromaeo, javascript, john-resig, performance