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Floor796 (via) “An ever-expanding animation scene showing the life of the 796th floor of the huge space station” by Russian artist 0x00, who built their own custom browser-based pixel animation tool with which they are constructing this project. Absolutely crammed with pop culture references and easter eggs. The “Changes” link at the top shows almost daily updates, with links to jump to the latest content. # 10th April 2023, 4:59 pm


In the five years since the shark was erected, no other examples have occurred … any system of control must make some small place for the dynamic, the unexpected, the downright quirky. I therefore recommend that the Headington Shark be allowed to remain.

Peter Macdonald # 9th April 2019, 1:58 pm

I commissioned an oil painting of Barbra Streisand’s cloned dogs

Two dogs in a stroller looking at a gravestone, as an oil painting
Two identical puffs of white fur, gazing at the tombstone of the dog they are

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Datasette: The Metropolitan Museum of Art (via) The Metropolitan Museum of Art publish a CSV file on GitHub with details of 464,360 items from their collection. I turned it into a searchable Datasette instance. # 9th May 2018, 6:38 pm


Game developer’s guide to graphical projections (with video game examples), Part 1: Introduction. Absolutely delightful series of illustrated essays by Matej ‘Retro’ Jan explaining how different graphical projections can be used for video game art. Each concept is illustrated by screenshots or gifs from a mixture of games spanning four decades. Reading this was a real treat. # 28th December 2017, 1:07 am


Practical gift ideas to positively improve a friend’s life and hobbies

I’m a big fan of the Dorling Kindersley travel books, which are chock full of photos, maps, diagrams and illustrations. Thanks to the internet there’s really not much point carting around a reference-style guidebook like Lonely Planet—TripAdvisor etc will always be more comprehensive and up-to-date. This makes guidebooks more important for general inspiration and browsing.

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Panic’s lost 1982 artwork. Found. Jaw-droppingly beautiful re-imagination of Panic’s software line-up as Atari console products, complete with box art and 80’s watercolour illustrated posters. # 8th December 2009, 10:59 pm