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Monday, 10th April 2023

On Endings: Why & How We Retired Elm at Culture Amp (via) Culture Amp made extensive use of Elm—a ML-like functional language that compiles to JavaScript—between 2016 and 2020 while building their company’s frontend. They eventually decided to move away from it, for reasons described at length in this post primarily relating to its integration with React. This piece is worth reading mainly as a thoughtful approach to engineering management challenge of deprecating a well-loved piece of technology from the recommended stack at a company.

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Floor796 (via) “An ever-expanding animation scene showing the life of the 796th floor of the huge space station” by Russian artist 0x00, who built their own custom browser-based pixel animation tool with which they are constructing this project. Absolutely crammed with pop culture references and easter eggs. The “Changes” link at the top shows almost daily updates, with links to jump to the latest content.

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Thoughts on AI safety in this era of increasingly powerful open source LLMs

This morning, VentureBeat published a story by Sharon Goldman: With a wave of new LLMs, open source AI is having a moment — and a red-hot debate. It covers the explosion in activity around openly available Large Language Models such as LLaMA—a trend I’ve been tracking in my own series LLMs on personal devices—and talks about their implications with respect to AI safety.

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AI is flooding the workplace, and workers love it. The microwave kiln pottery project I helped Natalie with gets a mention in this story about people who are putting AI tools to use.

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The AI singularity is here. Can’t say I’m a fan of the headline, but the subhead “The time to figure out how to use generative AI and large language models in your code is now” is much more illustrative of the story. I’m referred to in this one as “One of the most outspoken advocates for LLM-enhanced development” which is a bit of a surprise!

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