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Sunday, 16th April 2023

How I Used Stable Diffusion and Dreambooth to Create A Painted Portrait of My Dog (via) I like posts like this that go into detail in terms of how much work it takes to deliberately get the kind of result you really want using generative AI tools. Jake Dahn trained a Dreambooth model from 40 photos of Queso—his photogenic Golden Retriever—using Replicate, then gathered the prompts from ten images he liked on Lexica and generated over 1,000 different candidate images, picked his favourite, used Draw Things img2img resizing to expand the image beyond the initial crop, then Automatic1111 inpainting to tweak the ears, then Real-ESRGAN 4x+ to upscale for the final print. # 7:57 pm

Web LLM runs the vicuna-7b Large Language Model entirely in your browser, and it’s very impressive

A month ago I asked Could you train a ChatGPT-beating model for $85,000 and run it in a browser?. $85,000 was a hypothetical training cost for LLaMA 7B plus Stanford Alpaca. “Run it in a browser” was based on the fact that Web Stable Diffusion runs a 1.9GB Stable Diffusion model in a browser, so maybe it’s not such a big leap to run a small Large Language Model there as well.

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