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Friday, 21st April 2023

Other tech-friendly journalists I know have been going through something similar: Suddenly, we’ve got something like a jetpack to strap to our work. Sure, the jetpack is kinda buggy. Yes, sometimes it crashes and burns. And the rules for its use aren’t clear, so you’ve got to be super careful with it. But sometimes it soars, shrinking tasks that would have taken hours down to mere minutes, sometimes minutes to seconds.

Farhad Manjoo # 8:41 pm

The AI Writing thing is just pivot to video all over again, a bunch of dead-eyed corporate types willing to listen to any snake oil salesman who offers them higher potential profits. It’ll crash in a year but scuttle hundreds of livelihoods before it does.

Dan Sheehan # 4:38 pm

Bard now helps you code (via) Google have enabled Bard’s code generation abilities—these were previously only available through jailbreaking. It’s pretty good—I got it to write me code to download a CSV file and insert it into a SQLite database—though when I challenged it to protect against SQL injection it hallucinated a non-existent “cursor.prepare()” method. Generated code can be exported to a Colab notebook with a click. # 3:32 pm