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Tuesday, 11th April 2023

I literally lost my biggest and best client to ChatGPT today. This client is my main source of income, he’s a marketer who outsources the majority of his copy and content writing to me. Today he emailed saying that although he knows AI’s work isn’t nearly as good as mine, he can’t ignore the profit margin. [...] Please do not think you are immune to this unless you are the top 1% of writers. I just signed up for Doordash as a driver. I really wish I was kidding.

u/Ashamed_Apricot6626 # 6:20 pm

Sheepy-T—an LLM running on an iPhone. Kevin Kwok has a video on Twitter demonstrating Sheepy-T—his iPhone app which runs a full instruction-tuned large language model, based on EleutherAI’s GPT-J, entirely on an iPhone 14. I applied for the TestFlight beta and I have this running on my phone now: it works! # 5:54 pm

My strong hunch is that the GIL does not need removing, if a) subinterpreters have their own GILs and b) an efficient way is provided to pass (some) data between subinterpreters lock free and c) we find good patterns to make working with subinterpreters work.

Armin Ronacher # 4:47 pm

How we’re building a browser when it’s supposed to be impossible (via) Andreas Kling: “The ECMAScript, HTML, and CSS specifications today are (for the most part) stellar technical documents whose algorithms can be implemented with considerably less effort and guesswork than in the past.” The Ladybird project is such an inspiration, and really demonstrates the enormous value of the work put in by web standards spec authors over the last twenty years. # 10:18 am