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Wednesday, 1st October 2008

simplejson 2.0.1. Python’s simplejson JSON library got a whole lot faster while I wasn’t looking.

# 10:55 pm / bobippolito, json, performance, python, simplejson

[REDACTED]. Now that the iPhone NDA has been lifted be prepared for a flood of useful tips about the platform. Here’s Craig Hockenberry explaining how iPhone URL schemes work (used to great effect in the Pownce app for returning to the right place post-OAuth authentication in Safari).

# 10:34 pm / craig-hockenberry, iphone, nda, oauth, pownce, urls, urlschemes

Cascading. A Java API abstraction layer over Hadoop that lets developers think in terms of pipes and filters rather than map/reduce. The Cascading developers claim that this model is easier to understand and less error prone.

# 1:22 pm / cascading, hadoop, java, mapreduce, pipesfilters

Coming Soon: Amazon EC2 With Windows. It’s not instantly clear if you need to source your own Windows licenses or if the license comes as part of the hourly VM charge. If it’s the latter, I can see this being fantastically useful for both automated and manual cross-browser testing—throw up a Windows VM for just as long as you need to run your tests, running them through rdesktop.

# 9:16 am / amazon, browsertesting, ec2, rdesktop, windows

This Week in HTML 5—Episode 7: Clickjacking. Clickjacking is when a third party site is embedded in an iframe with opacity 0 and positioned such that a click on the page actually hits a button on the now invisible third party site. Mark Pilgrim explains how the NoScript site uses this in a non malicious way to for the “install now!” button.

# 1:48 am / clickjacking, html5, iframes, mark-pilgrim, noscript, opacity, phishing, security

Using the New MySQL Query Profiler. Extremely powerful new feature in MySQL 5.0.37. Definitely something for the Django debug toolbar.

# 1:20 am / django, django-debug-toolbar, mysql, profiling

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