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Monday, 27th October 2008

GeoCouch: Geospatial queries with CouchDB. Interesting approach: uses “external2”, a branch that allows external services to be called from CouchDB. SQLite’s SpatiaLite extension is then used as an external spacial index.

# 11:48 pm / couchdb, erlang, external2, geocouch, spatialite, sqlite

typeface.js. Outstanding hack—renders custom fonts using VML in IE and canvas in everything else, using fonts that are defined as a set of vector paths stored using JSON.

# 11:45 pm / canvas, fonts, javascript, json, typefacejs, typography, vml

Windows Live Adds Support For OpenID. I hope they include the option to log in to the provider using CardSpace, to address phishing.

# 9:34 pm / cardspace, live, microsoft, openid, phishing, techcrunch

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