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Wednesday, 15th October 2008

Announcing the New York Times Campaign Finance API (via) The New York Times have released their first data API, exposing campaign finance data from the Federal Election Commission.

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FOWA sketchnotes. Kai Chan Vong’s sketch notes from this year’s Future of Web Apps.

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Are we so deranged here in the twenty-first century that we’re going to re-enact, wide-eyed, the twin tragedies of the great desktop-suite lock-in and the great proprietary-SQL lock-in? You know, the ones where you give a platform vendor control over your IT budget? Gimme a break.

Tim Bray

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Page Inlink Analyzer (via) Here’s why I’m so keen on JSONP APIs—Eric Miraglia’s tool fires off dozens of cross-domain JSON requests to pull together information about inbound links to your site from Yahoo! Site Explorer and I imagine it would have been uneconomic for him to provide the tool if it had to proxy every request through his own server.

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