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Wednesday, 15th October 2008

Page Inlink Analyzer (via) Here’s why I’m so keen on JSONP APIs—Eric Miraglia’s tool fires off dozens of cross-domain JSON requests to pull together information about inbound links to your site from Yahoo! Site Explorer and I imagine it would have been uneconomic for him to provide the tool if it had to proxy every request through his own server. # 5:23 pm

Are we so deranged here in the twenty-first century that we’re going to re-enact, wide-eyed, the twin tragedies of the great desktop-suite lock-in and the great proprietary-SQL lock-in? You know, the ones where you give a platform vendor control over your IT budget? Gimme a break.

Tim Bray # 5:09 pm

FOWA sketchnotes. Kai Chan Vong’s sketch notes from this year’s Future of Web Apps. # 2:47 pm

Announcing the New York Times Campaign Finance API (via) The New York Times have released their first data API, exposing campaign finance data from the Federal Election Commission. # 2:05 pm

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