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Monday, 20th October 2008

From Scandinavia with Love. Finnish security company F-Secure conduct testing of wireless cell phone viruses in a walk-in Faraday cage. # 11:47 pm

lns (via) “a friendly program for making symbolic links”—it’s ln -s but it does the right thing no matter what order you put the arguments in. Love it. # 11:42 pm

Beanstalkd / Python Basic Tutorial. How to get up and running quickly with my favourite light-weight queue server. If only it had persistence... # 11:40 pm

The Universal Design Pattern. Steve Yegge presents a small book on key/value pairs and prototypal inheritance. “I call it the Universal design pattern because it is (by far) the best known solution to the problem of designing open-ended systems, which in turn translates to long-lived systems.” # 11:13 pm

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