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Thursday, 16th October 2008

US shifts Visa Waiver Program authorization to Internet—Yahoo! News (via) If you’re a European travelling to the US from January 2009 you’ll need to fill out the online equivalent of an I-94W (the green form you get given on the plane) in advance. This is going to catch out a lot of people. # 11:34 pm

Best Practices for OAuth with Fire Eagle. “We insist that you must NOT use embedded rendering controls to present the OAuth process with Yahoo! and Fire Eagle”—that’s a clear nod towards the iPhone development community. # 11:23 pm

Go Get Yer Shiny New Yahoo Profile... And Make Some Connections! I’m surprised to see Yahoo! going with mutual friendships as the core of their new social platform—I’ve personally found social sites which support a one-way “follow” relationship far more useful. # 7:05 pm

Soviet diribles. Pictures of Soviet dirigibles. # 3:10 pm

Data Scraping Wikipedia with Google Spreadsheets. I hadn’t played with =importHTML in Google spreadsheets, which lets you suck in data from an HTML table or list somewhere on the web. This tutorial takes it further, bringing Wikipedia, Yahoo! Pipes and KML in to the mix. # 2:37 pm

A Million-user Comet Application with Mochiweb, Part 1. Richard Jones explores Mochiweb, Erlang and linux kernel tuning for building a high performance comet server. Does this mean real-time web features are coming to # 2:16 pm

Private Messages with cometD Chat. cometd-java (a Java servlet reference implementation of the Bayeux protocol) can be extended with BayeuxService subclasses that run within the server itself. # 2:14 pm

View your FriendFeed in real-time. FriendFeed become the latest site to enable real-time updates using the long-polling variant of Comet. The real-time Web was something of a theme at this year’s FOWA, with talks on message queues, XMPP and scaling Comet at Meebo. # 2:06 pm

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