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Tuesday, 14th October 2008

Yahoo! Releases OpenID Research. Extremely valuable research, conducted with a group of typical Yahoo! users. OpenIDs usability remains bad, and if we don’t get it right soon something centralised like Facebook Connect will take over and the Web will stop being open.

# 4:59 pm / facebook, facebookconnect, openid, research, usability, yahoo

Minimal nginx conf to split get/post requests. Interesting idea for master-slave replication balancing where GET v.s. POST is load-balanced by nginx, presumably to different backend servers that are configured to talk to either a slave or a master. This won’t deal very will with replication lag though—you really want a user’s session to be bound to the master server for the next few GET requests after data is modified to ensure they see the effects of their updates. UPDATE: Amit fixed my complaint with a neat hack based around a cookie with a max age of 10 seconds.

# 4:33 pm / load-balancing, masterslave, mysql, nginx, replication

Browser Paint Events. The latest Firefox nightlies include a new MozAfterPaint event which fires after a portion of the page has been redrawn and provides co-ordinates of the affected rectangle. John Resig provides a neat bookmarklet that uses the new event to visualise repainting operations.

# 1:08 pm / firefox, javascript, john-resig, mozafterpaint, mozilla

asql—Apache SQL querying. Command line tool for loading web server log files in common log format in to a SQLite database, with a built-in interactive shell.

# 11:22 am / apache, asql, logs, sqlite

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