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Thursday, 30th October 2008

Yahoo, Caja, OpenSocial. Yahoo!’s new application platform uses OpenSocial, and protects itself from malicious JavaScript using Google’s Caja secure JavaScript engine. I hadn’t realised that Caja was ready for production use—this is excellent news. # 5:14 pm

New OpenID Implementations Abound. I’ve missed linking to a bunch of OpenID news recently—in particular, Google Accounts are becoming OpenID identifiers and LiveJournal has quietly ugraded its consumer support to OpenID 2.0. # 5:11 pm

In the final Production release we will be adding the ability to sign in to the Live ID OpenID Provider using any of the credential types that can be used with regular Live ID sign-in’s -- including CardSpace, SmartCard, eID, etc.

Jorgen Thelin # 5:09 pm

Ghostly fingers of APIs. Phil Gyford has a lovely diagram of the sites that he updates manually and the surprisingly large number of other sites that they affect. # 5:08 pm

Zeppelin 101 in 5 mins (via) Ribot videoed my five minute lightning talk on Zeppelins at last night’s Skillswap Brighton. # 5:05 pm

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