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New OpenID Implementations Abound. I’ve missed linking to a bunch of OpenID news recently—in particular, Google Accounts are becoming OpenID identifiers and LiveJournal has quietly ugraded its consumer support to OpenID 2.0.

# 30th October 2008, 5:11 pm / google, livejournal, martinatkins, openid, openid2

Yahoo! supporting OpenID 2.0 but not 1.1. Yahoo!’s Allen Tom outlines the reasons Yahoo! are supporting OpenID 2.0 but not OpenID 1.1.

# 19th January 2008, 9:10 am / allen-tom, openid, openid2, yahoo

Yahoo!'s provider implementation only supports consumers that talk the Auth 2.0 protocol. Technically the 2.0 spec allows providers to shun 1.1, but it's not recommended for the reason that I'm sure will become obvious once Yahoo! launches: there's no way for your average end-user to distinguish between a 1.1 and a 2.0 implementation.

Martin Atkins

# 18th January 2008, 7 am / livejournal, martinatkins, openid, openid2, yahoo

Yahoo!, Flickr, OpenID and Identity Projection

Via ReadWriteWeb, view source on a Flickr photostream page and search for “openid” and you’ll be rewarded with the following snippet:

[... 582 words]

Flickr to Authenticate OpenID. Flickr /photos/username/ pages are now (almost) OpenIDs—they point at a new Yahoo!-wide OpenID server, but it hasn’t been switched on yet. It’s OpenID 2 only, presumably so Yahoo! can protect their users’ privacy by using directed identity to hide individual screen names.

# 7th January 2008, 10:48 pm / flickr, openid, openid2, yahoo


James Henstridge: OpenID 2.0. Excellent description of the new features in OpenID 2.0, including a clear explanation of directed identity and attribute exchange.

# 7th December 2007, 11:53 am / attributeexchange, directedidentity, inames, james-henstridge, openid, openid2

OpenID 2.0 Final(ly)! Launched at the Internet Identity Workshop. The most interesting feature is probably directed identity, which goes a long way to solving some of the usability issues involved in users having to enter their own URLs.

# 5th December 2007, 9:01 pm / directedidentity, iiw, openid, openid2