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This Week in HTML 5—Episode 7: Clickjacking. Clickjacking is when a third party site is embedded in an iframe with opacity 0 and positioned such that a click on the page actually hits a button on the now invisible third party site. Mark Pilgrim explains how the NoScript site uses this in a non malicious way to for the “install now!” button.

# 1st October 2008, 1:48 am / clickjacking, html5, iframes, mark-pilgrim, noscript, opacity, phishing, security

When Bugs Collide: Fixing Text Dimming in Firefox 2. Handy tips from Drew on fixing the glitchy text rendering in Firefox 2 when you animate opacity without breaking alpha-transparent PNGs in IE6.

# 19th June 2008, 6:09 pm / browsers, bugs, css, drew-mclellan, firefox2, ie6, javascript, jquery, opacity, pngs

A brief introduction to Opacity and RGBA. The CSS opacity property is inherited by an element’s children; opacity set using the new rgba() declaration in CSS 3 differs in that it is not inherited.

# 17th March 2008, 2 am / css, css3, opacity, rgba


Styling File Inputs with CSS and the DOM. Clever hack to style the un-stylable: set the opacity of the file input to 0, then use a bit of JavaScript to make sure the (now invisible) browse button is always under the mouse.

# 10th September 2007, 11:58 pm / css, fileinput, opacity, shauninman