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Monday, 17th March 2008

A brief introduction to Opacity and RGBA. The CSS opacity property is inherited by an element’s children; opacity set using the new rgba() declaration in CSS 3 differs in that it is not inherited.

# 2 am / css, css3, opacity, rgba

Firebug + Dijit tips. News to me: Firebug has a magic $1 variable which corresponds to the currently selected node. Very handy.

# 2:08 am / debugging, dijit, dojo, firebug, javascript

Lessons from mySociety conversion tracking. Neat trick: show the user a “subscribe” form with their e-mail address pre-filled for them and there’s a much higher chance that they’ll click the button.

# 2:12 am / conversions, email, marketing, mysociety

Django on IronPython. Dino Viehland demonstrated Django running on IronPython and SQL Server at PyCon.

# 4:05 pm / dinoviehland, ironpython, microsoft, pycon, python, sqlserver

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