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Monday, 31st March 2008

Django Development with Djblets. The Review Board team have extracted a library of useful Django utilities from their application. The first to be documented are helpers for reducing boilerplate in custom template tags.

# 1:19 pm / django, djblets, python, reviewboard, templatetags

Happy Run Some Old Web Browsers Day! jwz has recreated, the original home of the Mosaic Communications Corporation, using a snapshot from 21st October 1994 and a domain borrowed from current owner AOL. Also includes instructions on running 1994 Mosaic Netscape binaries under a modern Linux distro.

# 5:54 pm / aol, browsers, history, jwz, linux, mosaic, netscape

Sharing My Location Just the Way I Like It. Fire Eagle gets a great write-up from Brady Forrest over on the O’Reilly Radar.

# 8:34 pm / brady-forrest, fireeagle, location, oreilly, oreillyradar, wikinear

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