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Friday, 21st March 2008

Version 2.0 of mod_wsgi is now available. Includes features that should make Python (and Django) on shared hosting much easier: a non-root user can touch their WSGI script file to restart just their application’s daemon processes when they make changes and Python virtual environments are supported to allow different versions of packages without interference.

# 1:23 pm / django, hosting, modwsgi, python, sharedhosting, wsgi

mysql_cluster (via) My Russian isn’t all that good, but this looks like a neat way of getting Django to talk to a master/slave setup, written by Ivan Sagalaev. UPDATE: English docs are linked from the comments.

# 8:45 am / django, ivansagalaev, masterslave, mysqlcluster, orm, python, replication

Administrative Debris. Ryan Tomayko explains his exceptionally clean redesign, inspired by Edward Tufte’s critique of the iPhone.

# 3:29 am / design, edwardtufte, iphone, ryan-tomayko

A Toy Chat Server with Eventlet and Mulib (via) Eventlet (the Python non-blocking IO library originally written for Second Life) is ideally suited to building Comet servers; Chuck Thier demonstrates a simple chat server in a small amount of code.

# 3:28 am / chuckthier, comet, eventlet, lindenlab, mulib, python, secondlife amazon oddities. Warning: reading the user reviews on these items has the potential to soak up hours.

# 2:54 am / amazon, funny

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