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Wednesday, 19th March 2008

Wikihistory (via) International Association of Time Travellers: Members’ Forum.

# 12:17 am / funny, godwin, timetravel

Standing in Line. Simon Wistow coins “CLAMP” for LAMP + Cache, and expresses the need for a dirt-simple, high performance open source queue system.

# 9:41 am / clamp, lamp, open-source, queues, simon-wistow

Integrating reCAPTCHA with Django. Looks pretty straight forward.

# 9:41 am / captcha, django, python, recaptcha

Queryset Implementation. Malcolm explains the work that has gone in to the queryset-refactor branch. Executive summary: Python’s ORM is probably a lot better at SQL than you are.

# 9:43 am / django, malcolmtredinnick, orm, python, querysetrefactor, sql

IronPython, MS SQL, and PEP 249. How Dino Viehland got Django’s ORM to talk to the .NET database layer.

# 9:46 am / dinoviehland, django, dotnet, ironpython, microsoft, mssql, pep249, python, sql

Simple Exception Response for AJAX debugging. Neat solution to the problem of Django error pages showing up as raw HTML in the Firebug Ajax log.

# 4:44 pm / ajax, django, firebug, python

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