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Wednesday, 4th February 2004

Ned Batchelder: Showing C header structure. Using Python to maked other languages less painful

# 1:19 am / c, ned-batchelder, python

Magnatune, an Open Music Experiment (via) “We’re not evil” makes good business sense

# 1:20 am

I’ve sold out!

What can I say—the lure of the mighty dollar proved too much. I’ve just made my first post to my new client-side scripting blog over at SitePoint, as a paid columnist.

[... 244 words]

The return of the Spong Monkeys

Via Eric Meyer, at least I’m not the only one selling out. Joel Veitch’s infamous Spong Monkeys can now be seen in two TV ads for Quiznos sandwhiches: We love the subs and Take a buck off (Quicktime movies). It’s nice to see such awesome and uniquely British talent recognised at a global level.

Stalking the wild PVR... Sam Ruby’s experiences with Debian and MythTV

# 4:57 pm

ACCU Conference 2004. UK conference with a Python track

# 5:18 pm

Mooncalf: Thuffering Thuccotash! Andy redesigns, in a pleasing shade of green

# 5:21 pm

The myth of RSS compatibility [dive into mark]. Sometimes I think Mark’s raison d etre is to upset Dave Winer

# 7:45 pm / dave-winer, mark-pilgrim, rss

Download a RealPlayer version that doesn’t suck (via) The BBC link to a special version of the player, sans spyware and other gristle

# 7:50 pm

Eastern Standard Tribe. Cory has a new novel out. I think I’m actually going to buy this one.

# 10:46 pm

Google Guide (via) Great for friends and relatives who need to improve their search skills

# 11:11 pm

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