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I’ve sold out!

4th February 2004

What can I say—the lure of the mighty dollar proved too much. I’ve just made my first post to my new client-side scripting blog over at SitePoint, as a paid columnist.

I’ll answer the most obvious question straight away: I’m not going to stop writing here. My SitePoint blog is a subject-focused blog covering client-side web development—CSS, Javascript, HTML and their role in modern web site creation. This blog will continue to host my thoughts on other subjects—mainly server-side stuff, but also general programming, web related rants and anything else that strikes my interest. Oh, and bashing Microsoft, naturally ;)

I’m a big fan of strictly subject-driven blogs, so it’s going to be fun working on one right from the start. Lambda the Ultimate (programming languages), Column Two (content and knowledge management), the Daily Python-URL and Adrian Holovaty’s online journalism blog are all great examples of blogs with a topical focus, and I hope to take my SitePoint blog in a similarly focused direction.

Incidentally, the blogging system at SitePoint has only just been launched and evidently there are still some issues to iron out. I know the site doesn’t validate, and I hope to work with SitePoint to resolve some of the other markup and Javascript issues I’ve spotted. I hope to write up some of the problems and solutions on the blog itself in coming weeks.

This is I’ve sold out! by Simon Willison, posted on 4th February 2004.

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