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Wednesday, 18th February 2004

Electrolite: Upholding standards. (via) Judge denies court order over rogue semicolon. # 11:16 pm

Yahoo! Birth of a New Machine (via) Did you know Yahoo! owns both AltaVista and AllTheWeb? # 9:49 pm

Largest Living Thing Is a 2,200 Acre Fungus in Oregon. 2,000 years old and mostly harmless. # 9:24 pm

AT&T Trips Up SCO. Things are getting a lot trickier for Darl and chums. # 6:47 pm

Killer rabbit 404. Creative ;) # 6:32 pm

Catching up with Harry

I’m not sure how I missed this, but Harry Fueck’s new book The PHP Anthology was published by SitePoint back in December, as a hefty 2 volume epic. Harry is the guru behind PHP Patterns and really knows his stuff. While the book is at first glance a cookbook for solving web related problems, Harry also uses it as a platform for teaching sensible development practises:

[... 237 words]

New PHP releases (via) Joey reports on PHP 4.3.5 RC 2 and PHP 5.0 Beta 4 # 3:42 am

Life Hacks: Tech Secrets of Overprolific Alpha Geeks (via) Cory’s notes from Danny O’Brien’s Etcon session. # 3:41 am

Advanced Python network programming

Understanding Network I/O, Part 2 by George Belotsky (via The Farm) is the best tutorial on the subject of network programming I’ve seen yet. It provides a detailed explanation of simple threaded network clients, thread pools using the Queue module and asynchronous I/O using both Twisted and Python’s asyncore library—then discusses the strengths and weaknesses of each approach.

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