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Wednesday, 25th February 2004

Gothamist Interviews: Paul Ford. “the only way to ignore advertising is to die” # 11:47 pm

Novel security measures

An article on SecurityFocus led me to this site about Port Knocking. Port Knocking is an interesting security technique in which a box sits online with no ports open to connections and awaits a specific sequence of connection attempts. A user wishing to connect to the box must first attempt to initiate connections to ports in a specific, secret order. Once they do, the box starts up the required service (such as an SSH daemon) on a designated port and allows the user to connect properly.

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Side-stepping IE. A round-up of techniques for dealing with IE’s poor CSS support. # 8:58 pm

Freedom to Tinker: Great Books. Which five science and technology books should every student read? # 8:57 pm

Yahoo! vs. Google. Visually compare the top 100 results for a specific term. # 8:56 pm

Migrating from PHP 4 to PHP 5 (via) It’s getting closer... # 8:46 pm

Google Search: spong monkeys. I’m second. Rock! # 3:32 pm

Tear Your iPod mini Open To Get The 4GB Hard Drive? 4GB of Digital Camera storage for less than half the normal price. # 3:23 pm

Trepanation. Drilling a hole in your head. Not for the squeamish. # 3:22 pm

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