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Tuesday, 10th February 2004

The Fishbowl: Pronunciation of SQL. Because they’re cute. # 10:08 pm blogging gem. “... I just decked him and broke his nose.” # 9:38 pm

Clueless office workers help spread computer viruses (via) “55% of those quizzed base their passwords on people’s names” # 7:52 pm

World’s First HCI Rap: “We Got It”. HCI hip-hop from OK/Cancel. Sweet Jesus no! # 7:48 pm

Why Questions go Unanswered (via) "I’m a lazy asshole and I can’t be bothered to learn to program myself, but I know if I post here you’ll give me something for free.’’ # 7:47 pm

NanoBlogger. A blogging system written in bash. # 7:45 pm

Flagging issues on craigslist (via) Moderation in a high traffic environment. # 7:44 pm

Seven Steps to Better Presentationss (via) Advice from Jeffrey Veen # 7:34 pm

More unfortunate PageRank. I’m third on Google for “hotmail inbox” # 7:13 pm

Internet erosion of TV viewing habits deepens (via) Of the 11.8 hours the average Internet user spends online weekly, more than half is coming from TV viewing and almost none from sleep or socialization # 5:57 pm

width = str(len(str(len(lines))))

The above monstrosity came up today while writing a function to add zero padded line numbers to a chunk of text:

[... 78 words]

Bravo l’artiste (via) Ruper Murdoch, reviewed. # 1:15 am

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