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Friday, 6th February 2004

Hacking Friendster, Part I (via) Cross site scripting attacks in social networks # 8:22 pm

Firebird Spell Checker. Slightly convoluted install procedure, but it’s a start. # 8:04 pm

Popen5: useful! Obviously 4 popen functions isn’t enough. # 5:23 pm

The dangers of PageRank

A well documented side effect of the weblog format is that it brings Google PageRank in almost absurd quantities. I’m now the 5th result for simon on Google, and I’ve been the top result for simon willison almost since the day I launched. High rankings however are not always a good thing, especially when combined with a comment system. A growing number of bloggers have found themselves at the top position for terms of little or no relevance to the rest of their sites, which in turn can attract truly surreal comments from visitors from search engines who may never have encountered a blog before.

[... 469 words]

Blair may blog the next election (via) Unfortunately, spin and blogging just don’t mix. # 4:10 pm

Marvin Walks (via) Video footage of the prototype Marvin suit for Hitch-Hikers the movie # 3:58 pm

Basecamp. New hosted project management solution from 37signals # 3:11 am

PHP Community Site (Coming Soon) (via) Still shaping up; volunteers welcome # 2:29 am

Electoral Services (via) It turns out UK secret ballots aren’t so secret after all # 1:52 am

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