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Sunday, 4th February 2024

Rye lets you get from no Python on a computer to a fully functioning Python project in under a minute with linting, formatting and everything in place.

[...] Because it was demonstrably designed to avoid interference with any pre-existing Python configurations, Rye allows for a smooth and gradual integration and the emotional barrier of picking it up even for people who use other tools was shown to be low.

Armin Ronacher

# 3:12 pm / arminronacher, python, rye

llm-sentence-transformers 0.2. I added a new --trust-remote-code option when registering an embedding model, which means LLM can now run embeddings through the new Nomic AI nomic-embed-text-v1 model.

# 7:39 pm / plugins, projects, transformers, ai, embeddings, llm, nomic

Sometimes, performance just doesn't matter. If I make some codepath in Ruff 10x faster, but no one ever hits it, I'm sure it could get some likes on Twitter, but the impact on users would be meaningless.

And yet, it's good to care about performance everywhere, even when it doesn't matter. Caring about performance is cultural and contagious. Small wins add up. Small losses add up even more.

Charlie Marsh

# 7:41 pm / performance, ruff