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Wednesday, 21st February 2024

When I first published the micrograd repo, it got some traction on GitHub but then somewhat stagnated and it didn’t seem that people cared much. [...] When I made the video that built it and walked through it, it suddenly almost 100X’d the overall interest and engagement with that exact same piece of code.

[...] you might be leaving somewhere 10-100X of the potential of that exact same piece of work on the table just because you haven’t made it sufficiently accessible.

Andrej Karpathy # 9:26 pm

The killer app of Gemini Pro 1.5 is video

Last week Google introduced Gemini Pro 1.5, an enormous upgrade to their Gemini series of AI models.

[... 2839 words]

Gemma: Introducing new state-of-the-art open models. Google get in on the openly licensed LLM game: Gemma comes in two sizes, 2B and 7B, trained on 2 trillion and 6 trillion tokens respectively. The terms of use “permit responsible commercial usage”. In the benchmarks it appears to compare favorably to Mistral and Llama 2.

Something that caught my eye in the terms: “Google may update Gemma from time to time, and you must make reasonable efforts to use the latest version of Gemma.”

One of the biggest benefits of running your own model is that it can protect you from model updates that break your carefully tested prompts, so I’m not thrilled by that particular clause.

UPDATE: It turns out that clause isn’t uncommon—the phrase “You shall undertake reasonable efforts to use the latest version of the Model” is present in both the Stable Diffusion and BigScience Open RAIL-M licenses. # 4:22 pm