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Sunday, 11th February 2024

One consideration is that such a deep ML system could well be developed outside of Google-- at Microsoft, Baidu, Yandex, Amazon, Apple, or even a startup. My impression is that the Translate team experienced this. Deep ML reset the translation game; past advantages were sort of wiped out. Fortunately, Google’s huge investment in deep ML largely paid off, and we excelled in this new game. Nevertheless, our new ML-based translator was still beaten on benchmarks by a small startup. The risk that Google could similarly be beaten in relevance by another company is highlighted by a startling conclusion from BERT: huge amounts of user feedback can be largely replaced by unsupervised learning from raw text. That could have heavy implications for Google.

Eric Lehman, internal Google email in 2018 # 10:59 pm

Python Development on macOS Notes: pyenv and pyenv-virtualenvwrapper (via) Jeff Triplett shares the recipe he uses for working with pyenv (initially installed via Homebrew) on macOS.

I really need to start habitually using this. The benefit of pyenv over Homebrew’s default Python is that pyenv managed Python versions are forever—your projects won’t suddenly stop working in the future when Homebrew changes its default Python version. # 4:41 am