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Tuesday, 20th February 2024

aiolimiter. I found myself wanting an asyncio rate limiter for Python today—so I could send POSTs to an API endpoint no more than once every 10 seconds. This library worked out really well—it has a very neat design and lets you set up rate limits for things like “no more than 50 items every 10 seconds”, implemented using the leaky bucket algorithm.

# 1:15 am / async, python, rate-limiting

htmz (via) Astonishingly clever browser platform hack by Lean Rada.

Add this to a page:

<iframe hidden name=htmz onload="setTimeout(() => document.querySelector( this.contentWindow.location.hash || null)?.replaceWith( ...this.contentDocument.body.childNodes ))"></iframe>

Then elsewhere add a link like this:

<a href="/flower.html#my-element" target=htmz>Flower</a>

Clicking that link will fetch content from /flower.html and replace the element with ID of my-element with that content.

# 1:21 am / html, iframes, javascript

In 2006, reddit was sold to Conde Nast. It was soon obvious to many that the sale had been premature, the site was unmanaged and under-resourced under the old-media giant who simply didn't understand it and could never realize its full potential, so the founders and their allies in Y-Combinator (where reddit had been born) hatched an audacious plan to re-extract reddit from the clutches of the 100-year-old media conglomerate. [...]

Yishan Wong

# 4:23 pm / reddit, startups, y-combinator

Let’s build the GPT Tokenizer. When Andrej Karpathy left OpenAI last week a lot of people expressed hope that he would be increasing his output of educational YouTube videos.

Here’s an in-depth 2 hour dive into how tokenizers work and how to build one from scratch, published this morning.

The section towards the end, “revisiting and explaining the quirks of LLM tokenization”, helps explain a number of different LLM weaknesses—inability to reverse strings, confusion over arithmetic and even a note on why YAML can work better than JSON when providing data to LLMs (the same data can be represented in less tokens).

# 6:02 pm / ai, andrej-karpathy, generative-ai, llms