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Saturday, 24th February 2024

Upside down table trick with CSS (via) I was complaining how hard it is to build a horizontally scrollable table with a scrollbar at the top rather than the bottom and RGBCube on suggested rotating the container 180 degrees and then the table contents and headers 180 back again... and it totally works! Demo in this CodePen. # 9 pm

How to make self-hosted maps that work everywhere and cost next to nothing. Chris Amico provides a detailed roundup of the state of web mapping in 2024. It’s never been easier to entirely host your own mapping infrastructure, thanks to OpenStreetMap, Overture, MBTiles, PMTiles, Maplibre and a whole ecosystem of other fine open source projects.

I like Protomaps creator Brandon Liu’s description of this: “post-scarcity web mapping”. # 4:19 am