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Friday, 23rd February 2024

Does Offering ChatGPT a Tip Cause it to Generate Better Text? An Analysis (via) Max Woolf:“I have a strong hunch that tipping does in fact work to improve the output quality of LLMs and its conformance to constraints, but it’s very hard to prove objectively. [...] Let’s do a more statistical, data-driven approach to finally resolve the debate.” # 5:42 pm

Bloom Filters, explained by Sam Rose. Beautifully designed explanation of bloom filters, complete with interactive demos that illustrate exactly how they work. # 3:59 pm

PGlite (via) PostgreSQL compiled for WebAssembly and turned into a very neat JavaScript library. Previous attempts at running PostgreSQL in WASM have worked by bundling a full Linux virtual machine—PGlite just bundles a compiled PostgreSQL itself, which brings the size down to an impressive 3.7MB gzipped. # 3:56 pm