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Friday, 9th February 2024

Weeknotes: a Datasette release, an LLM release and a bunch of new plugins

I wrote extensive annotated release notes for Datasette 1.0a8 and LLM 0.13 already. Here’s what else I’ve been up to this past three weeks.

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How I write HTTP services in Go after 13 years (via) Useful set of current best practices for deploying HTTP servers written in Go. I guess Go counts as boring technology these days, which is high praise in my book. # 8:40 pm

Figure out who’s leaving the company: dump, diff, repeat (via) Rachel Kroll describes a neat hack for companies with an internal LDAP server or similar machine-readable employee directory: run a cron somewhere internal that grabs the latest version and diffs it against the previous to figure out who has joined or left the company.

I suggest using Git for this—a form of Git scraping—as then you get a detailed commit log of changes over time effectively for free.

I really enjoyed Rachel’s closing thought: “Incidentally, if someone gets mad about you running this sort of thing, you probably don’t want to work there anyway. On the other hand, if you’re able to build such tools without IT or similar getting ”threatened“ by it, then you might be somewhere that actually enjoys creating interesting and useful stuff. Treasure such places. They don’t tend to last.” # 5:44 am

“Wherever you get your podcasts” is a radical statement. Anil Dash points out that podcasts are one of the few cases where the dream really did work out:

“[...] what it represents is the triumph of exactly the kind of technology that’s supposed to be impossible: open, empowering tech that’s not owned by any one company, that can’t be controlled by any one company, and that allows people to have ownership over their work and their relationship with their audience.” # 5:18 am