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Tuesday, 22nd December 2009

Another leak, the worst so far (via) “Arweena, a spokes-elf for Santa Claus, admitted a few hours ago that the database posted at WikiLeaks yesterday is indeed the comprehensive 2009 list of which kids have been naughty, and which were nice.” The first comment is great too.

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Learn to Let Go: How Success Killed Duke Nukem. The fascinating 12 year story of Duke Nukem Forever.

# 10:45 am / dukenukem, project-management, wired

But I guess where I was originally going is that nobody wants to write endings in television. They want to sustain the franchise. But if you don't write an ending for a story, you know what you are? You're a hack. You're not a storyteller. It may not be that you have the skills of a hack. You might be a hell of a writer, but you're taking a hack's road. You're on the road to hackdom and there's no stopping you because stories have a beginning, a middle, and an end.

David Simon

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If you’re just linking to the stuff that people are all talking about on Twitter or that floats to the top of Hacker News, you may as well give up on your blog, as far as I’m concerned. Everybody already sees that stuff. You have to dig deeper to offer more interesting information, and an RSS reader is the best tool you can use for that purpose.

Rafe Colburn

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Django | Multiple Databases. Russell just checked in the final patch developed from Alex Gaynor’s Summer of Code project to add multiple database support to Django. I’d link to the 21,000 line changeset but it crashed our Trac, so here’s the documentation instead.

# 5:22 pm / alex-gaynor, databases, django, multidb, python, russell-keith-magee, scaling

New Facebook clickjacking attack in the wild. I’m not sure why Facebook don’t use frame-busting JavaScript to avoid this kind of thing. The attack is pretty crafty—a Facebook page is positioned with everything obscured bar part of the blue “share this” button, and a fake “Human Test” asks the user to find and click the blue button to continue.

# 6:52 pm / clickjacking, facebook, phishing, security

New Redis ZINCRBY command (via) Just added to Redis, a command which increments the “score” for an item in a sorted set and reorders the set to reflect the new scores. Looks ideally suited to real time stats, and I’m sure there are plenty of other exciting uses for it.

# 8:38 pm / nosql, redis, salvatore-sanfilippo, sortedsets, zincrby

The Worst Ideas of the Decade: Vaccine scares. “The movement blaming vaccines for causing autism emerged in the early 2000s, and it was one of the most catastrophically horrible ideas of the decade.”

# 9:17 pm / science, vaccines

Socket Benchmark of Asynchronous Servers in Python. A comparison of eight different asynchronous networking frameworks in Python. Tornado comes out on top in most of the benchmarks, but the post is most interesting for the direct comparison of simple code examples for each of the frameworks.

# 10:34 pm / async, benchmarks, concurrence, dieselweb, eventio, eventlet, gevent, orbited, python, stackless, tornado, twisted

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