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Russell Keith-Magee: Build a cross-platform app with BeeWare. The session videos from PyCon US 2024 have started showing up on YouTube. So far just for the tutorials, which gave me a chance to catch up on the BeeWare project with this tutorial run by Russell Keith-Magee.

Here are the accompanying slides (PDF), or you can work through the official tutorial in the BeeWare documentation.

The tutorial did a great job of clarifying the difference between Briefcase and Toga, the two key components of the BeeWare ecosystem - each of which can be used independently of the other.

Briefcase solves packaging and installation: it allows a Python project to be packaged as a native application across macOS, Windows, iOS, Android and various flavours of Linux.

Toga is a toolkit for building cross-platform GUI applications in Python. A UI built using Toga will render with native widgets across all of those supported platforms, and experimental new modes also allow Toga apps to run as SPA web applications and as Rich-powered terminal tools (via toga-textual).

Russell is excellent at both designing and presenting tutorial-style workshops, and I made a bunch of mental notes on the structure of this one which I hope to apply to my own in the future.

# 1st July 2024, 10:49 pm / python, russell-keith-magee, beeware

Python 3.12 change results in Apple App Store rejection (via) Such a frustrating demonstration of the very worst of Apple's opaque App Store review process. The Python 3.12 standard library urllib package includes the string itms-services, and after much investigation Eric Froemling managed to determine that Apple use a scanner and reject any app that has that string mentioned anywhere within their bundle.

Russell Keith-Magee has a thread on the Python forum discussing solutions. He doesn't think attempts to collaborate with Apple are likely to help:

That definitely sounds appealing as an approach - but in this case, it’s going to be screaming into the void. There’s barely even an appeals process for app rejection on Apple’s App Store. We definitely don’t have any sort of channel to raise a complaint that we could reasonably believe would result in a change of policy.

# 27th June 2024, 11:17 pm / apple, appstore, python, russell-keith-magee


Django | Multiple Databases. Russell just checked in the final patch developed from Alex Gaynor’s Summer of Code project to add multiple database support to Django. I’d link to the 21,000 line changeset but it crashed our Trac, so here’s the documentation instead.

# 22nd December 2009, 5:22 pm / alex-gaynor, databases, django, multidb, python, russell-keith-magee, scaling