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A Grand Unified Theory of the AI Hype Cycle. Glyph outlines the pattern of every AI hype cycle since the 1960s: a new, novel mechanism is discovered and named. People get excited, and non-practitioners start hyping it as the path to true “AI”. It eventually becomes apparent that this is not the case, even while practitioners quietly incorporate this new technology into useful applications while downplaying the “AI” branding. A new mechanism is discovered and the cycle repeats. # 24th May 2024, 12:26 am

How to PyCon (via) Glyph’s tips on making the most out of PyCon. I particularly like his suggestion that “dinners are for old friends, but lunches are for new ones”.

I’m heading out to Pittsburgh tonight, and giving a keynote (!) on Saturday. If you see me there please come and say hi! # 15th May 2024, 3:29 pm


Get Your Mac Python From Glyph recommends the official Python installer from as the best way to get started with a Python environment on macOS—with require-virtualenv = true in your ~/.pip/pip.conf to help avoid accidentally installing global packages. # 30th September 2023, 2:39 am


I don’t know how to solve prompt injection

Visit I don't know how to solve prompt injection

Some extended thoughts about prompt injection attacks against software built on top of AI language models such a GPT-3. This post started as a Twitter thread but I’m promoting it to a full blog entry here.

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Toward a “Kernel Python” (via) Glyph makes a strong case for releasing a slimmed down “kernel” version of Python with the minimal possible standard library, and argues that the current standard library is proving impossible for a single core team to productively maintain. “If I wanted to update the colorsys module to be more modern—perhaps to have a Color object rather than a collection of free functions, perhaps to support integer color models—I’d likely have to wait 500 days, or more, for a review.” # 15th June 2019, 4 pm