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Saturday, 30th September 2023

Things I’ve learned about building CLI tools in Python

I build a lot of command-line tools in Python. It’s become my favorite way of quickly turning a piece of code into something I can use myself and package up for other people to use too.

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Meta in Myanmar, Part I: The Setup. The first in a series by Erin Kissane explaining in detail exactly how things went so incredibly wrong with Facebook in Myanmar, contributing to a genocide ending hundreds of thousands of lives. This is an extremely tough read.

# 2:27 am / ethics, facebook, social-media

Get Your Mac Python From Glyph recommends the official Python installer from as the best way to get started with a Python environment on macOS—with require-virtualenv = true in your ~/.pip/pip.conf to help avoid accidentally installing global packages.

# 2:39 am / macosx, python, glyph

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