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What are the top five food blogger conferences to attend?

I can’t give you a top five, but you might find this list of 10 upcoming food blogger conferences useful:

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Who is attending Webstock 2011 in Wellington, New Zealand?

We have a list of 46 Twitter users who are attending Webstock 2011 here:

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What are the must visit web conferences in the UK for 2011?

We’ve pretty much hit critical mass in the UK web scene with Lanyrd now, so there are very few notable UK web conferences in 2011 that aren’t listed. Here are some useful starting points:

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What are the best design conferences or meetups in Switzerland?

I haven’t been myself, but Lift has an excellent reputation:

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What are some of the wackiest panel discussion formats?

There’s a format called a fish bowl which is pretty fascinating:

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What programming conferences are in Romania in 2011?

How To Web looked like an excellent conference last year. They haven’t announced dates for 2011 yet but I’d keep an eye on their Twitter account:

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How do you find conferences that interest you?

We had this exact same problem, which is why we created—it’s a wiki-style conference listing site (currently listing over 1,000 upcoming events) which lets you sign in with Twitter and uses the people you follow on Twitter to suggest events you might want to go to.

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What are some other conferences/expos similar to BlogWorld and Internet Retailer?

SOBCon Chicago has four speakers this year who spoke at BlogWorld last year: /

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What conferences should a programmer working in the industry follow?

If I had to pick just one programming-related conference a year, it would probably be OSCON. The maintainers of pretty much every piece of software I use on a daily basis go there.

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What are some recommendations for good social media and/or digital marketing conferences to attend in 2011?

Our list of social media conferences on Lanyrd currently shows 46 upcoming events:

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Who are the best female speakers on the topic of social media who are equal parts knowledgeable and engaging?

Meg Pickard from the Guardian
Suw Charman-Anderson

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Are there any tech conferences in Miami around the time that WMC takes place (March 8-12)?

There’s SuperConf on the 25th-26th of February: /

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What are some good social media events that will take place in 2011 in Middle East and North Africa region?

User StartupDigestME on Lanyrd follows entrepreneurship events in the region which may also cover social media topics:

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When was the 2011 Blog World Expo?

The dates haven’t been announced yet—they’ll be on when they are, and there’s a mailing list you can sign up for.

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What are the dates of MacWorld in January 2011? says Jan 26th-29th 2011.

Are there any summer conferences in the Bay Area for web development (or any other technology/Internet related topics)?

Have a browse through the list here:—or filter by web development only:

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How can you provide wireless internet at a tech conference without being overloaded?

PyCon has a very solid track record with WiFi, and they have detailed write-ups describing their setup for every conference since 2007:

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What interesting meetings will be held in March and/or April in Silicon Valley on topics relating to technology startups?

Try browsing through the list on—or use our search feature.

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What are some other conferences that showcase cool ideas, like TED or the Renaissance Weekend? is quite TED-like—especially good for science topics.

What are some tips for moderating a panel?

It’s a very hard thing to do well.

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What are some ways I can get the word out about my startup/entrepreneur focused conference?

Add it to and make sure you list all of the speakers. Then anyone who signs in to Lanyrd and is following at least one of your speakers on Twitter will be told about your event.

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What are the most recommended upcoming  mobile tech conferences in North America?

Our site,, is relatively new but already has a pretty good list of mobile conferences in the USA. Try this page:

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What is the best software for conference participants?

Our site helps you find the Twitter names of speakers and fellow conference attendees, which should make it easier to connect with them.

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Find conferences to speak at with Lanyrd. We just launched calls for participation on Lanyrd. You can list calls for any conference, browse them by topic, and subscribe to an Atom feed of calls for your area of interest.

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What UX/UI conferences in the SF Bay area are worth attending?

BayCHI is excellent from what I’ve heard:

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What are the differences between GDC and SXSW? Which one is better for a web entrepreneur?

I haven’t been to GDC, but it’s a game development conference. SxSW interactive is almost entirely web stuff, so it would be a better fit for a web entrepreneur.

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Why would or wouldn’t SXSWi be worth attending in 2011?

Yes, it’s worth attending every year.

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Is there a good online calendar for upcoming technology conferences?

We’re trying to build exactly this with—not just for technology conferences, but they are definitely our largest niche.

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Are there any web design conferences in Southeast Asia?

Our site, Lanyrd, lists a few:

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Aside from Disrupt, what other tech conferences do you track?

Self promoting here (not sure if that’s OK by Quora community standards or not), but the site we just launched,, answers this question. It lets you sign in with Twitter and see what events your Twitter friends are tracking, attending or speaking at. It also lets you create a conference profile page—here’s mine, which shows the upcoming conferences I am tracking at the moment:

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