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Monday, 9th May 2011

What are the best bachelor party ideas (other than strip clubs)?

My bachelor party (we call it a stag night over here) ended in a Karaoke club—one of the ones with private booths. It was awesome.

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Where can I get a calendar of upcoming tech conferences in South Africa?

Try our list here:

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What are the main conferences taking place in the US dedicated to Open Source?

We have a list here:

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Why does Django still not have support for multiple joins?

I don’t fully understand the question, but if you’re talking about doing a single join across multiple tables the Django ORM handles that just fine. Let’s say you want to get every BlogEntry written by a User who belongs to the Group with the name “admins”:

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What are good websites to post online content about an event?

For posting slides from an event, is definitely the most popular. is a good choice too.

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What are the top events for Internet startups in 2011?

We have a bunch of startup / entrepreneurship events listed on Lanyrd—try these pages:

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