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Sunday, 9th January 2011

How are real time web applications achievable with PHP?

You don’t need to build your comet server using the same technology as the rest of your site.

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What are the reasons that make jQuery more popular than MooTools?

MooTools is the only major JavaScript library that still thinks extending the prototype of built-in JavaScript objects is a good idea.

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What are the best free resources to begin learning UX design?

We’re collecting videos and slides from conference sessions covering user experience on Lanyrd—here’s 10 videos and 14 slide decks:

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What makes mobile application backends different from Webapp backends?

Nothing at all.

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What are some good social media events that will take place in 2011 in Middle East and North Africa region?

User StartupDigestME on Lanyrd follows entrepreneurship events in the region which may also cover social media topics:

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When was the 2011 Blog World Expo?

The dates haven’t been announced yet—they’ll be on when they are, and there’s a mailing list you can sign up for.

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