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Thursday, 13th January 2011

Display your events on your own website with Lanyrd Badges. We’ve launched badges for Lanyrd—JavaScript that lets you embed a top bar or a content “splat” showing events you plan to attend, talks you’ve given in the past and other various combinations. I’m quite pleased with the implementation—the badges are configured using classes on a link to your Lanyrd profile, and the badges themselves are served through a combination of Amazon CloudFront for the initial script and a Varnish cache for the badge data itself to keep things nice and snappy. # 8:38 pm

What is the best way to find about the upcoming startup events in India?

There are quite a few events of interest to entrepreneurs showing up on Lanyrd:—you can also subscribe to our Atom feed for that page to hear about future events.

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The Virtues of Monitoring. Fantastic guide to the various levels of monitoring required for a modern web application. # 4:26 am

The First Few Weeks— Another take on managed Python Django/WSGI hosting, from Andrew Godwin and Ben Firshman. # 4:25 am

Hello from Gondor. “Effortless production Django hosting” from the Eldarion team. # 4:24 am

Introducing the FluidDB Explorer. Every good API deserves a dedicated API browser. # 4:19 am

US iPhone Data for International Visitors: A Guide. AT&T will swear blind that their pay-as-you-go data plan doesn’t work with iPhones or other smart phones. Here’s how to prove them wrong. # 3:51 am

Desk Depot. We picked up some chairs from here the other day—it’s a fascinating place, essentially an entire history of Silicon Valley told through second-hand furniture. # 3:50 am

Getting Started—Google URL Shortener API. The API for the URL shortener is really nice—no API key required, easy to create a short URL and you can retrieve detailed stats breakdowns (similar to as JSON for any URL. # 3:49 am

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