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Saturday, 22nd January 2011

Are Silicon Valley entrepreneurs taking less risk than 8-9 yrs ago?

I’d guess internet startups today are taking advantage of the fact that there’s a LOT more knowledge now of what works online and what doesn’t. 9 years ago people were still figuring out what the internet is useful for. Today it’s easier to figure out a product that people are likely to want, based on nearly 20 years of experience of how people use the Web.

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How does FriendFeed work, and what programming languages are used?

It was written in Python, using the Tornado asynchronous web server (which the FriendFeed team developed themselves). They used their own schemaless NoSQL-style store based on keeping serialized objects in MySQL.

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What are some great stories about Steve Jobs?

The stories on are fantastic—here’s their collection about Steve Jobs:

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