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Where do you like to eat in London?

I adore Ya Hala next to Paddington station—Lebanese food (so lots of veggie options), open until midnight, really good tea as well. It’s my first stop in London whenever I’m visiting, since you can get directly there from Hearhrow on the Heathrow Express train.

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What are the best ramen places in London?

The big four are Bone Daddies, Tonkotsu, Shoryu and Ittenbari, all in or around Soho. You can find them all on my foursquare list here: Ramen in London

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What are the cheapest ways for a single man to eat in London without cooking?

24 hour fried chicken joints are a relatively cheap source of calories if you want hot food and don’t want to cook.

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Which restaurants in London serve orange or lemon sorbet served in a hollowed out orange or lemon?

Thanks to Twitter I’m informed that Ciao Bella on Lamb’s Conduit Street has the lemon version.

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What are some hidden gem restaurants in London for trying food from different countries, aside from the plenty of Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Italian restaurants?

I’ll throw in a few of my favourites...

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What is the best food in London for under £20?

In terms of chain burger restaurants, Byron is excellent—much better than GBK.

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What are some places that serve X-Y food in Z?

I found an Indian restaurant in Luxor, Egypt that sold English-style Indian food—it was in an area of town with a bunch of other English restaurants, all run by expats.

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What are the top five food blogger conferences to attend?

I can’t give you a top five, but you might find this list of 10 upcoming food blogger conferences useful:

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